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A wxWidgets based Utility for Windows OS to interface for Exiftool by Phil Harvey

         wxETIHelp.CHM Help file 

Note: If you download the CHM file, Win OS my block the content. To 'unblock' it, right-click on the file name, chose 'Properties' and, if the 'Security' tag is present, tick the 'Unblock' box.

wxETI-Install.txt Installation notes
 Latest version 0.1.138 32-bit installer
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A great deal of care went into this application, but by installing it, you assume all risk that it will do what you need and want and no more. This goes especially for editing and updating data in the image files. It has been tested at length, but there are simply too many variables to even attempt exhaustive testing.
For the safety of you own data, please ensure you aways have adequate backups.